Someday we’ll return to the office. It’ll be nothing like we’ve seen before

May 8, 2020

When you finally head back to the office, it won’t be like you remember it.

Physical distancing, from the garage to the elevator to the break room, promises to help make the pending mass return to the workplace both reassuring and maddening as people learn to work together again while remaining six feet apart.

Signs of separation will abound: decals on elevator floors showing you where to stand, arrows to route foot traffic in one direction, chairs removed from conference rooms and other popular gathering places.

Expect fabric couches and other upholstered furniture to be wrapped in plastic — just like at Grandma’s house — for easier disinfection. Shared work tools such as conference phones and whiteboard pens may disappear. That remote control for the lunchroom television? Don’t bother hunting for it. Read More

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