Coretrust seeks to create value and enhance returns for investors focusing on property-level operations and implementing environmental sustainability initiatives that are (a) economic; (b) efficient; (c) appealing to our target tenant customers, and (d) emphasize indoor environmental quality that promotes the health and well-being of our building occupants.

Coretrust ESG Statistics

LEED Certification

  • 3 of 3 Coretrust properties are LEED Gold
  • 2 of 2 Coretrust asset management assignments are LEED Platinum and LEED Gold, respectively

EV Car Charging

  • 65 on-site EV car charging stations across two properties
  • Increasing to over 100 EV chargers

Water Usage

  • Coretrust routinely installs ultra-high efficiency restroom fixtures, using 75% less water than conventional fixtures
  • Customer water consumption, thermal plant utilization, and general irrigation usage are all closely monitored for savings opportunities

Coretrust Principals’ Career ESG Statistics

No. of LEED Certifications

  • 18 buildings
  • As Coretrust: 3 buildings
  • As TPGI: 15 buildings

SF LEED Certified

  • A total of 14.2+ million gross SF
  • As Coretrust: 2.5 million square feet
  • As TPGI: 11.7 million square feet

LEED Entitlements/Developments

  • 6.3+ million SF

All three CVF I properties are the first office buildings globally to achieve Tier 2 certification for indoor air and water quality

GBAC STAR certification at all three CVF I properties.

All three CVF I properties have WELL Building Health & Safety certification.

Superior grade at all three CVF I properties

UB Tech Adibot-S UVC robot cleaning in place at all three CVF I properties

Continuing a History of Sustainability

As executives of Coretrust predecessor Thomas Properties Group, Inc. (NYSE:TPGI), the Coretrust founders were early adopters of environmental sustainability for office buildings. Their track record in sustainable development and operations dates to the early 1990s with the development of Playa Vista in Los Angeles, CA (1991-97) and the Joe Serna Jr. Cal/EPA Headquarters building in Sacramento, CA (1998). The Cal/EPA Headquarters became the first high-rise office tower in the U.S. to earn a LEED Platinum designation. Following this project, the Coretrust founders led TPGI’s participation in various US Green Building Council pilot programs and successfully achieved LEED certification for 15 buildings totaling 11.7 million SF plus another 6.3 million SF of LEED-certified development entitlements.

As Coretrust, the team currently owns and/or operates 3.7 million SF of LEED Gold or Platinum and Energy Star rated buildings.

Prior Awards

2008  NAREIT Leader in the Light (Silver-Tie)
2009  NAREIT Leader in the Light (Gold)
2011   NAREIT Leader in the Light (Honourable Mention)
2012  NAREIT Leader in the Light (Winner)
2013  NAREIT Leader in the Light (Winner)

Coretrust achieved LEED Gold and Energy Star certification and carbon neutral status in 2022 on a portfolio of 2.5 million SF of trophy office properties through energy efficiency upgrades, operational improvements, and the acquisition of REC options and offsets. Coretrust will continue to seek improved energy efficiency at each property in its portfolio and thereby reduce the number of REC options and offsets needed to maintain carbon neutrality.

Additionally, we target achieving carbon neutrality at new properties within the first 5 years of ownership.

To learn more about Coretrust’s approach to being carbon neutral, click here to see our video.