Coretrust Capital Partners is partnering with Connectivity Wireless Solutions

September 23, 2019

LOS ANGELES, CA — Coretrust Capital Partners is partnering with Connectivity Wireless Solutions, a provider of wireless solutions to enterprise and wireless service provider customers throughout the U.S., to transform its downtown Los Angeles tower, FourFortyFour South Flower, into a smart building with state-of-the-art 5G technology that gives tenants and guests the fastest possible internet speeds and complete cellular coverage.

“Encircling the building like a string of pearls, the new technology ensures uninterrupted cell calls throughout the building from the underground parking garage to our outdoor plazas, restaurants and stores, even the elevators,” said Thomas Ricci, Coretrust Managing Principal. “Furthermore, the internet speeds are lightning fast and can carry any size document, video or portfolio that tenants may need to send or receive. Even large-scale architectural drawings can be sent in seconds.” Read More.

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